Art can be in the form of music, dancing, drawing or calligraphy. Art is how we express ourselves through aesthetics. Art is inspiring, uplifting and it deepens us. A life without the arts is neither meaningful nor complete.




The Arts Festival is organized for students to demonstrate their talents and to inspire them through the pursuit of aesthetics and excellence. The theme for this year’s Arts Festival is “Let Your Imagination Fly”, as we believe that imagination is essential for creativity. During the Arts Festival, a few galleries were set up around the campus to showcase students’ works. There were numerous rehearsals for the items presented by the various classes. There was such an active participation that the whole school exuded a very artistic atmosphere.






On June 1, we celebrated Children’s Day. It was also the day of the closing of the Arts Festival. Students from 16 different countries participated in the singing, dancing, plays and poetry recital. It shows how arts truly transcend the boundaries of age, nationality, language and culture. Performance after performance were presented before the audience. Among them were proud parents watching and supporting their children perform on stage.




Mdm Wu said in her opening address, that she sincerely hopes that the Arts Festival would serve to refine our students in their appreciation for the arts, hone their creative ability and to aspire them to be the best they can be.




The Arts Festival may have ended, but the fun and the memories will last for a long time to come. Surely, the Arts Festival will be as unforgettable and profound as it is motivating and inspiring.



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